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"We are on a mission to make skincare transparent, subtle, and simple again with no nonsense ingredients engineered by nature. "


I started this journey initially seeking a stress relief and mood boosting solution to a bleak period in my life way back in 2015.


The solution was candle-making and after realizing much success with this aromatherapy medium, I launched in 2016 as GL Candles.

Fast forward a few years and I needed to seek out another solution for skin ailments I was having.


This new adventure led to an exploration of natural skincare and cosmetic chemistry.


After qualifying myself as a formulator and prototyping several formulas, I found the solutions I sought.

Friends, family, and associates started asking for my skincare regimen after seeing the improvements in my skin, and I decided then it was time to evolve.


I perfected the GL Candles product lines, developed a complete skincare line, volun-told my mom, nephew, and wife to help me, and together we came up with what is now Goombay Labs.

We've gone through several periods of reimagining and re-invention over the years. From our initial long labels, to short labels, to long labels again, to glass jars, to stainless steel tins, to a switch to greener ingredients and phthalate-free fragrances; we've transformed our product constantly which speaks to our commitment to staying on the cutting edge and continually pursuing innovation while staying true to our no-nonsense formulation mission.

We are GOOMBAY LABS, a small direct-to-consumer manufacturer with a mission to create happy moments through aromatherapy, and to make natural skincare simple again.

We are your natural cosmetic crafters. Essentially, this means we craft every product in small batches using our contemporary artisan methods.


Every product, every process, every ingredient is carefully crafted, tested, and handled with passionate Bahamian hands.


This artisanal approach allows us to craft premium products, with a human element in a way that machines can never produce.

It is our sincere hope that our products bring as much happiness and relief into your lives as they do ours, and we welcome you to a better candle and natural skincare experience.


Travis Ferguson


Travis Ferguson | General Manager GOOMBAY LABS




Aside from crafting our own premium products, for commercial entities we offer private labeling services where we can produce our products with your branding.

We also offer formulation development services where we do the research and testing to produce a stable commercial formula for your personal or commercial use.


You tell us the benefits you want in a skincare product, we source raw material, develop and test formulations, and provide you with a formulation report.

Welcome to a better candle and natural skincare experience!

K. Carey, The Bahamas

"The products are TOP notch and well WORTH the price. As soon you open the lid, your nose is hit with a pleasant aroma and the candle lasts a longer than others that I've purchased recently." 

A. Butler, North Carolina

"All the scents are exceptional and the packaging is professional!"

J. Ferguson, Indiana

"I ordered these candles online and got them very quickly. I ordered on a Tuesday, got them on a Friday. The package was intact and everything I ordered was there. The candles smell DIVINE."
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